Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sinmei Tea House 川善茶居, Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for a work trip last month for a 5 weeks, so I had plenty of time to explore around HK. And of course, I did a lot of research beforehand, on what to eat especially! 

Food culture is really good everywhere in HK. Normal cha chan tengs (coffee shops/cafes) serves really good food! The only downside of it is that food aren't really cheap here and never ever expect good customer service (unless you're in a posh classy restaurant).

I researched on dessert/high tea places and Sin Mei Tea just popped up. Of course, being a green tea fanatic (I call it 'matchaholic'), this place caught my attention instantly! 

Love the retro chinese design. Definitely a place to just sit around & chit chat with a few good friends. There's even a cat for you to pet in the teahouse itself.

Here's what I ordered: 
HKD 78
Sizzling matcha brownie with ice-cream topped with matcha sauce. 
It was the bomb! The matcha sauce came seperately so you pour everything onto the sizzling plate. Damn cool! The combo of warm brownie & cold ice-cream, party in your mouth! Brownie just soaks up the matcha sauce which made it even more perfect. There were even bits of walnuts (i think) in the brownie that made the chewing texture even better.

HKD 38
Matcha Hoji Latte
One sip of this and you can probably tell that top notch quality matcha powder is used. The normal green tea lattes I've tried are usually sweeter, that it overpowers the matcha taste itself. Unlike others, the taste of matcha served in Sin Mei is pretty intense and I love it. 

5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street,Sheung Wan 

How to get there? 
Sheung Wan MTR, Exit A2 (turn right in Exit A2 & CS Tower is just less than 10 steps away)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Penang 2014

I was in Penang for company weekend and I have to say, I had a blast meeting so much dynamic people in the consultancy company I work with.

We were put in Golden Sands Resort by Shangri La in Batu Ferringhi, I only have time to explore around our hotel but not Georgetown itself. But luckily I will be heading back Georgetown again next week for some real food hunt eg real authentic Penang Char Kueh Tiaw and Cendol! YUM!

Too bad we checked in pretty late and we couldn't get the seaview rooms!

There's even a Haagen Dazs bar by the pool. Best way to beat the heat? ICE-CREAM! 

Had some time to explore around the beach area. I was pretty impressed by the view!

And then my colleague and I just did the most spontaneous thing ever, Parasailing! That's us right up there but we crash landed on the ground when we were trying to land whooops! 

It was RM200 per parasailing ride. The view up there was breathtaking! I don't mind doing it again next week with the boyfriend. 

Walked past this hotel called Lone Pine and I recognized this hotel instantly from the Hong Kong TVB series called 'Outbound Love'. Too bad it was only for guests I couldn't enter to have a look.

What my typical meal looks like everyday, was really well fed throughout the entire trip especially our last seafood BBQ dinner! 

Breakfast by the beach before checking out

Still managed to do a little retail therapy in KLIA2 and Penang airport before boarding. I only have around 10 minutes to spare in each airport. Have I told you how efficient women are especially when it comes to shopping?! 

Till then, I shall blog more about Singapore and Penang again next! 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mango Tango, Asiatique Bangkok

Thailand is well-known for its big, juicy and sweet mangoes as well as mango desserts. What's Thais' favourite way of eating their mangoes? Make them into desserts, best of both worlds! I have heard that the best and phenomenal mango sticky rice can be found in Mae Varee in Thonglor, but unfortunately we didn't have much time to head there.

Mangoes can be found generally everywhere in Bangkok especially in road sides stalls. I did some research for good mango desserts and Mango Tango was on top of the list.

Mango Tango serves a wide array of mango desserts, they're also very affordable too!

Mango Aloha (75 baht)
Diced mango in milk sago topped with mango sauce.
This was refreshingly good! Sago milk was mildly sweet that it complements their sweet mango oh-so-perfectly. 

Mango Tango (140 baht)
Mango pudding + Fresh mango + Mango Ice Cream
Just scoop each and eat! Combustion and explosion of mango goodness and flavour. YUM!

Mango Ska (65 baht)
Iced blended mango with clear pudding

Mango Sticky Rice (120 baht)
The mangoes were so sweet and juicy! The accompanying sticky rice just complements the mangoes so so well as it was so fragrant and firm. The drizzle of coconut milk was so rich and creamy but not too over empowering, it just made this dish complete.

Mango Tango's branch in Asiatique is located in Warehouse 1, near the entrance to their toilet. Don't forget to pop over for some good desserts whenever you are in Asiatique!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

T&K Seafood Bangkok

One of the things every tourist should do in Bangkok is to spend some time in Chinatown. The first thing you'll notice when you reach Chinatown: shops selling gold, dried Chinese herbs, pork jerky shops, fresh juice stalls, noodle stalls, durian stalls, shark fin and birds nest shop, and of course seafood restaurants!

I've read up on Tripadvisor and it seems like T & K Seafood is a popular choice among tourists. I was pretty excited to dig in! Yay for affordable and good seafood!

You can spot T&K Seafood easily with their green t-shirt whereas the other rival opposite wears pink

Their menu

Let's dig in!

Chinese herbal tea which was super quenching and refreshing! 1 bottle is never enough 

Steamed fish with chill and lime sauce. The flesh was so so flesh and sweet! 

Big and juicy river prawns! No complicated cooking methods or ingredients, just grilled plainly to bring out the best in them.

Raw oysters. Wanted to try but still don't have the guts to do so yet :x

I'm not sure about this, but are you supposed to eat cockles that still have blood in them? These were grilled but I still see blood in it. Maybe it should have been cooked longer?

Stir fried kale, it was just mediocre

Here comes the star dish! Crabs with yellow curry sauce. Just get your hands dirty and grab em! The sauce cooked with scrambled eggs was so yummy that I literally scoop the remaining sauce after and just eat it!

All in all it was a very satisfying seafood dinner and price was reasonable too! 1200 baht for a total of 5 person including a fried crab fried rice and fried chicken wings (which I forgot to take picture of). 

After dinner, we have time to spare and off we go to explore more of Chinatown!
What's Chinatown without dim sum?! 

And what's Chinatown without bak gua (pork jerky) shops!? 

Pomegranate juice that I miss so much, naturally sweet and so refreshing! 

Bustling Chinatown

How to get there: There is no way that you can head to Chinatown by using BTS as there is no dedicated BTS line to this area. The best way is to catch a taxi and it'll take approximately 30-40 minutes from Bangkok city. Be sure to start getting there as early as 4pm to avoid the traffic jam! 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

After You Dessert Bangkok

Before coming to Bangkok, my gym friend has told me how good the desserts were here and I couldn't agree more! Did some research and tadah, After You! We also planned on trying out Ms Jones Orphanage although we passed by one in Siam Centre but we were beyond full that time!

Love the designs, very cozy! 

They sell pretty cute merchandises and I couldn't resist so I grabbed their journal (365baht)

I regret not ordering their Cococcino that they claimed as the world's best iced chocolate! T.T

My iced green tea latte. YUM!

Iced thai milk tea. I had thai milk tea almost everyday when I was in Bangkok (not so good for the waistline yeh I know!)

Now here's comes the main star dish: Their signature Shibuya Honey Toast. That was the best french toast in my whole life! The ice-cream, toast, strawberries, whipped cream and crushed nuts were such perfect combo! Drizzled with their signature toast syrup, icing on cake!

Matcha toast. Although matcha is my favourite but pairing it with toast, it didn't really match at all. But all in all, it's still pretty okay.

Look at this pretty thang, chocolate lava!

Let me cut you open you sexy thang! Look at that chocolate ooze! I was in chocolate elysium goodness me!

I had these delightful yet sinful desserts for breakfast so imagine how hyper I was throughout the day caused by those sugar rush. And pity my boyfriend who have to stand my excessive annoying hyperness for the whole day hahaha. He kept questioning me this for the whole day: "Who eats desserts for breakfast?!" 

How to get there: There are several branches in Bangkok but the ones that are more accessible are in Siam Paragon and Thonglor 13. The branch in Siam Paragon is just located in basement. Bonus tip: There are even a lot more in food and snack bits there, the dim sum was soooooooooooo gooood!